About Us

Templewood is an independent merchant bank, offering specialist advice and investment to the private capital market and private businesses.

We represent a combination of capital, advice and ideas delivered in complete alignment. We stand by what we say and invest our reputation and capital.

Our relationships with our clients and partners are built on shared values, trust and transparency and are central to our way of doing business. We provide an alternative to dysfunctional financial institutions and complicated synthetic products.

Our clients work with us because they want to ensure that the operational as well as the capital requirements of a project are fully resolved. In our view, this is the only way to create lasting value. Our clients and partners include; individuals, entrepreneurs and families, professional investment teams, institutions, operators and advisors.

Our approach is to provide a single point of contact yet we understand that intellectual independence is valuable, and therefore often draw on the specialist expertise of our strategic network. The partnerships we have developed with expert service providers and operators allow us to keep a determined focus on our own areas of expertise. These areas of expertise inform the opportunities we partner and, importantly, those which we do not.

We believe that the intelligent curation and technological intermediation of opportunity and capital is the key to an efficient private middle market; technology solutions can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of advisory and transactional processes, as long as they support, rather than replace, the human element. In our opinion technology platforms or exchanges that seek to disintermediate the personal relationships critical to successful transactions in the middle market will struggle.

Currently, Templewood provides four key services:

  • Principal Investment – direct investment into businesses with strong growth potential
  • Strategic Advisory and Capital Raising – operational consulting, corporate finance and fund raising for businesses
  • Private Wealth Advisory – trust and asset structuring services and advisory and discretionary investment management
  • Private Funds Advisory – primary capital raising for private fund managers and sell-side secondary advisory services for holders of illiquid positions in private funds and portfolio companies

We believe that we have a particular knowledge advantage in the following sectors:

  • Real Estate – development and investment, advice and lending
  • Power – renewable energy, smart grids and operational asset management
  • Digital – legacy media, connected communities, infrastructure and security
  • Industrials – precision engineering, business transformation, disruptive materials and products

Templewood Partners LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.